How much time do we have for set-up? 

          2 hours of early access are included in your rental fee.  If you wish to purchase additional time, it is $75 per consecutive hour.  Don’t forget on Fridays between 10am and noon, you may drop off any items (except edibles) for us to set out for you. 


Is there a beverage minimum?

          For all Saturday events we do require a $1000 beverage minimum.  The soft drinks and alcohol are purchased through our in-house beverage service (not the caterer).  This includes the bartender fees and sodas.  Please contact the caterer if you desire coffee, tea, lemonade, etc. 


Am I required to serve alcohol at the event?

          No, you do not have to serve alcohol.  Again, a $1000 beverage minimum is required on Saturdays whether alcohol is served or not. 


Do we pay a deposit to the caterer?

          No, all payments are to be submitted to Kye’s.  The caterer will send us your invoice. The only requirement upon securing the date is 50% of the room rental and a signed contract.  The remaining balance, including the estimated catering fee, is due 30 days prior to your event.


How far in advance do I need to book?

          We operate on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have a specific date in mind, we would be happy to check availability for either venue. 


How much time do we have for clean-up?

          Immediately following the event, our staff will help to collect all items and place by the door.  We ask that loading be done in a timely, efficient manner.  Everything is to be taken after the event.  No pick-up on Sundays!


Is the ceremony package included in the room rental?

        The ceremony package is in addition to the room rental.  Please see the “Wedding Ceremonies” sheet in your information packet for a list of detailed items included in the package. 


What if I have less than 100 guests for the “Tie the Knot” package?

        This package is based on a minimum of 100 guests.  It may be better to do everything separately if your guest count is significantly lower.  Please note that the deposit is $1000.00, not 50%.


How will the damage deposit be refunded?

          If you are not charged for any damage, the $250 damage deposit will be applied to your final invoice!  The payments/credits line on your invoice will show the total amount you have paid to Kye's including the damage deposit.  If you are charged for any damage, it will be listed as a line item charge with amount charged and why you were charged.


Do any of your approved caterers make wedding cakes?

          None of our caterers actually make “wedding” cakes.  Therefore, you have the option to choose whomever you like!  Of course, the caterers can create other delectable desserts for your special day.